Sunset on the Black Waters of Lethe, Oil on Linen, 1000 X 3000mm

Donnie Ross

Based in Scotland, Donnie Ross is currently transitioning from painting abstracts in watercolour and large-format oil paintings of reflections in water to a renewed exploration of abstracts in oil on paper, an increasing emphasis on drawing and a return to representation. 

I had a long and reasonably successful career as a medical doctor, in the course of which I was a founder-member of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust, which I chaired for ten years until recently.

Contact with people like Norman Matheson MBE, Arthur Watson PRSA, Ian McKenzie Smith CBE PPRSA PPRSW, Alexander Fraser RSA, Joyce Cairns RSA RSW, James Furneaux, Bill Baxter, Don Addison, Sydney Burnett and Andy Dewar at both GHAT and Aberdeen Artists Society inspired me to develop in a different, more creative direction.  I also owe a debt of gratitude to my teachers, Charles Hemingway, Bob Batchelor, Bella Green, Barbara Strawa-Payne, Eden Jolly and Susie Hunt.  In recent times I have been strongly influenced by the inspiring art and teaching of Jane Hislop.

I'm eternally grateful to the staff in the AMD and Vitreoretinal services at the Eye Clinic in Aberdeen, Dr. Cynthia Santiago, Ms Kath Greiner, Charge Nurse Breeda Donnelly, and Charge Nurse Lorna Stephen in Ophthalmology Ward 203.  Thanks to these people and their staff, I continue to have good eyesight.


Donnie Ross CV: